Minimalist Meliza

Yesterday I was a bit bored so I started to clean everything. I kept thinking of being minimalistic and if I really needed certain things. I threw out a whole box of things and gave out a bunch of free stuff on FB. Putting my stuff on FB really worked! I got rid of everything! I’m glad because I wanted mine and Matthew’s items to be put into good use.

Some of the items were awesome too! We gave away posters, Mac keyboards & mouses, hair dye, and wigs! The rest of our clothes we don’t want are going to the Philippines. Hopefully they would be good use there. I know I can minimize and organize more things, but it can be tiring. It will take me weeks to have everything perfectly the way I want it. And don’t get me started on decorating! That will costs hundreds!

Anyway! I need that magic of tidying up book!

IMG_2959 IMG_2963 IMG_2966 IMG_2980 copy


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