Flashback Friday | Oakland Days

A post from a year ago! Things have changed!

June 18, 2015 (23 years)

If I was rich I would buy an unlimited amount of polaroid film and hang out in public places all day. I would people-watch and take pictures of people experiencing some kind of emotion. There have been so many moments in the park where I’ll see families enjoy their time and laugh together or old couples! I just want to take candid photos of these people and hand it to them to keep. Possibly start an album of happy moments too. An album of strangers. People filled with real emotion.

I guess that’s a dream of mine. I need to become a better photographer.

Many things have happened these days and I haven’t talked about anything. Make it short?

-Mark’s graduation: I spent the whole day wit the fam. A fun group of us went to a park in benicia and played lava monster and freeze tag. We were 10 full grown adults running around the park and kids joined us. Haha. Later we took cool pics by the water and got in trouble for trespassing onto someones property. Mark’s party was fun as well. I drank too much.

-Warriors won: Matthew and I took bikes down to the lake and the Lake was beautiful. It was lit up blue and yellow. Everyone was out screaming “warriors!!!”. We went down to downtown Oakland, but it got too crazy. It was fun until we realized that we were at risk and a car could hit us. Everyone was honking and screaming out of their cars. We ended the night by going back to the lake and enjoyed the celebration.

-Movie night: Matthew and I took our bikes to the local movie theater and watched Inside Out. 🙂 I have a better appreciation of Oakland now that I have a bike and can go basically go everywhere without having to worry about parking. My only worry is not dying.

Aha. Goodnight.


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