First Day of Summer

It’s the first day of summer and it’s beautiful today!

I didn’t do much today. I mostly stayed in and watched Orange is the New Black. I also made myself get out of the house to walk to the local fruit/veggie stand. I’m trying to add more vegetables to my diet.. So I bought corn and broccoli. Tasty!

Later, Matthew and I took a walk around the neighborhood and admired all the victorian homes in our neighborhood. I would very much like to be a homeowner. That’s when I know that I’m getting old! But yeah a lady on a moped stopped and said we looked cute! Hahaha. 

Anyway, I’ve been pretty down as of late. Unemployment is really hard! You feel poor, useless, and embarrassed. I rarely leave my home! Aha. I’m keeping my head up, something will come along. I just got to work harder and kill at my interviews. I’ll get past this.

The weekend was not so bad. The Warriors lost the Finals. Unbelievable! But I think my dad had an enjoyable Father’s Day. He made sinigang for our potluck thingy and I literally ate 3 bowls of it. Also, 2 slices of apple pie and chocolate cake. There’s a fat girl inside of me!

Anywho. I’m hoping for a great week. A great summer!


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