Polaroids 9 | 600 Testing

Don’t know why I count these posts. I count a lot of things. This will be the last counted one!

Anyway! I bought more 600 film and we got our new printer/scanner in today! We didn’t think we needed one for the longest time because we print things at work, but it’s convenient having one and scanning polaroids look so much better!

Matthew has gotten into film photography too! Well 35mm photos. Our family busted out their super old cameras and now Matthew has been playing with them. It’s nice sharing a few hobbies with someone you date.

Here are a few photos I took with my Polaroid One Step. I took 3 bad photos out of 8. >.< So expensive! I am promising myself not to buy any more film until I get a job. For now, I’ll stick with instax mini.

Camera: Polaroid One Step

Scan 2016-6-21 19.04.29

Hanathan | Automatic

*too dark

Scan 2016-6-21 19.04.29 copy 3

Matty and Ozzy watching a movie | Automatic

*too dark

Scan 2016-6-21 19.04.29 copy 2

Pinocchio | Light setting

*too brightScan 2016-6-21 19.04.29 copy

Victorian Home | Automatic

*slightly too bright

My photos aren’t perfect. The settings are off, but it’s a learning experience! Either way.. Polaroids look cool however way they turn out.


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