Flashback Friday | Calculus days

Will never take Calculus again.
Monday, June 27th, 2011 (19 year old Meliza)
 Man a week? Really?

Well uhh yeah.. my summer is quite alright. My weeks consist of M-TH 10:30-2:00 CALCULUS and when I get home I’m going Calculus homework for about 3 hours. I suppose that’s 6 hrs of math a day making it 24 hours of Calculus a week. It’s like a job. :/  but yes.. that’s how I spend my weekdays. Weekends? Lately it’s just hanging with boyfriend. 🙂

Saturday. We went on a date. I planned it. We drove to Oakland and took a ferry to Pier 39. Then we took a bus to Japan Town. Then another bus to downtown where we met up Roberta. Miss that boyy.. After we took Bart to Oakland. We chilled at this Asian mall in El Cerrito then went to George Le’s restaurant in Richmond and had a fried party. Pretty cool. My favorite was fried Snickers. HELLA GOOD.

But yeah.. I’m feeling down right now cause I got my first Calculus exam back and I got a D. 😦 Why do I study so hard….
Anyway. I ditched the second half of Calculus today to sleep. Soo… bye!



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