Beach Dayy

On Saturday, my group of friends and I went to Stinson beach! I’ve been planning a beach day for some time because I did not want to plan another cabin trip with the friends. Planning trips is fun to me, but when the group becomes too big and complains then it’s not as enjoyable and gets a bit stressful. But yeah! We decided to combine beach day with Andrew’s birthday since his birthday is the following week and we never celebrate his birthday.

Matty, Brye, and I got to the beach around 11:30am. The event said 11am, but of course everyone showed up around 1ish. Some people even showed up at 3! But yeah. It was a ton of fun. I invited a bunch of people from our Fanime room and the vibe was perfect. It’s funny cause before beach day, some of us were talking about how group seems to be doing okay. We’re all just trying to have fun. šŸ™‚

The weather was perfect. We had a ton of beer and I had made a mixed drink, but there was no real food! Everyone thought we could grill, so people brought hamburgers and hotdogs. >.< so we ended up starving on the beach until Malloy and Jess showed up with pizza and that was devoured in seconds. Austen’s made rice balls too! Hahaha.

We played a few games. Football, snake, human calvary, uno, and a sand building contest! Everyone was invested in sand building. There ended up being no winner since the two teams decided to create a unity bridge between their castles. Hahaha. And well.. Brye had to be Brye and make his own castle.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which made me happy. I like bringing people together!

Afterwards, we all drove to Andrew’s place and grilled all the food we couldn’t eat at the beach. A fun day ended perfectly! Well.. except we’re all sunburnt! šŸ™‚

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