Groovebook Review

Been meaning to make this review for some time. I wanted to make a video review, but I kept on leaving out important information so this will do! 🙂 Here’s to my first review!



Here are a few FAQs before I start my personal review:

What is a Groovebook?

Groovebook is a photo book with 100 photos (4.5″ x 6.5″) bound together. The photos are selected through an app Groovebook has created for most smart phones. This is a subscription service so every month you select 100 photos and it is mailed to you about 3 weeks later.

Groovebook was featured on Shark Tank and was successfully invested. About a year later, the start-up was acquired by Shutterfly.

How to make an account?
Start by downloading the app and creating an account. Add your address and credit card information. And that’s it!

How much does a Groovebook cost?

A Groovebook costs $3.27 total. Subscription is $2.99; Tax is .28 cents; and shipping is FREE.

What if I don’t have 100 photos each month?
I found it difficult to select 100 photos each month, but as long as you select 40 photos a book will be created. 100 photos will still be printed in each book, but there will be duplicates.

When is the deadline to submit photos?

The date you created the account is the date photos are to be submitted.
For example: If you opened an account on June 23rd, your next photo submission is due July 23rd. Then August 23rd, and so on.

The app lets you know how many days are left til submission as well. An email reminder is sent to you as well.

How does the app work?


This is what the app looks like (center)



Waiting for the app to load..




Next month’s book will appear once app is opened.

Here I have only uploaded 7 photos.



I click add photos and my camera roll is shown.

Anything labeled “G” means I printed in a previous book.



-Select photos by clicking, a check mark will appear.

-Double click an image for duplicate prints




Other albums can be selected from as well, in case you wanted to organize your books by albums




Once 100 of your photos have been selected, you can print the book now.

If that option is selected before your close date that does not count as your monthly book, but as an additional book and you are charged an additional $3.27.

I wait til the close date and the app closes the book itself.


When will my Groovebook arrive?

After you close your book (or the app automatically does it for you), it takes 2-3 days to print. Then it takes about 12-18 business days for the book to arrive via USPS Bulk Mail.

What does the book look like?

Looks just like this!


The reason why there is a groove in the spine is because it makes the book more flexible, meaning shipping would only cost $.80 instead of $3 or $4



The side of the book looks just like this with the months listed and year.

I circle the month I selected the photos.

So the book I received in July is circled June because the photos in the book were taken in June.



Each photo has a timestamp and location

The photos can be ripped out as well

My Review:

Personally, I love Groovebook! Otherwise, I would not be have been subscribed to this many months now. I’m also happy the company allowed me to change my close date! I changed my closing date to the first of every month. So every book contains exactly one month’s worth of photos. Here are list of my pros and cons of the Groovebook:


  • cheap
  • great for people who love physical photos
  • organized by months
  • photos are dated and have location stamps
  • photos are bound together rather than packed with individual photos
  • photos can be ripped out


  • sometimes I don’t have 100 photos every month
  • low quality paper (very flimsy and curves easily when placed on fridge)
  • mediocre photo quality (esp android photos)
  • shipping is slow (but I’m patient!)

I keep my subscription because I love having physical photos and it’s extremely affordable. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up with the monthly books because I’ll soon have TOO MANY books. But canceling the subscription service seems to be easy.

The quality of the books don’t seem to bother me either as long as I leave the photos bound together. If I am looking to frame a photo or place on the fridge, then of course I would order from another company because the quality isn’t that great to be ripped out. Although, the photo quality of my books now are 10x better than the quality of my first book.



First book: Dark and blurry



9th book:  Much better quality!


Anyway, thanks for reading my review. I would rate this product 7/10 and highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to collect photos! 🙂

One FREE Groovebook Code: Merino210



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