How We Feel



“How We Feel” – Panama

It’s been a while since my last outfit post. I have been unemployed for some time so shopping has not been an option for me. Although, being unemployed has taught me many things such as I don’t need new clothes every month or so. It’s extremely wasteful to wear an outfit once and then never wear it again.

When I start up work, I’ll definitely be purchasing closet staples! I have also been into Kon Mari as of late, and donated 1/4th of my closet. I know I can do better, but either way I am proud of myself!

I got these pants from Abercrombie and Fitch thanks to Rasheeda! She gave me a $50 gift card. So I shopped the sale section and got this super comfortable pant skirt! I also got sweats! These are probably my favorite bottoms! I have been into long skirts lately, but I always have to be cautious because I’m bottom heavy and my thighs start to feel uncomfortable by the end of the day. But not with these babies! They’re super flow-y and my legs go into separate pant legs. :3

I wore this outfit at the Alameda County Fair and I have never been so comfortable! ^.^ Definitely going to be an outfit repeater.

OOTD Details:

  • Black Cami – Forever 21
  • Floral Pant Skirt – Abercrombie $30?
  • Black Flatforms – Target
  • Black Leather Jacket – Forever 21

P.S. You can’t see the pins too well, but I added them to my leather jacket recently! I have my “Is This It?” album cover pin and a Mulan pin one of my friends gave me in high school (I was obsessed).


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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