Fourth of July Weekend

This was probably the chillest 4th of July I had! Which I approved of.


I didn’t watch baby so I laid around the apartment all day waiting to go to a friend’s birthday event at night. Then it was time to go. I met my friends at Mad Oak and they were already drunk! One of her cousins even broke a glass and was yelling at me trying to buy me a drink because he thought it was my drink.

Later, we all drove to this crowded club. I ran out of the car to save a parking spot, but then this ignorant person was trying to back up and take the spot. I didn’t want to get hit so I moved then she swooped it even though I was waving and saying no. I was pretty pissed and yelled at her. The passenger was scared of me and thought I would do something to their car. Then my drunk friends come running down the street to calm down the situation. -__- Disrespectful. I let it go.

The club was not my scene.. But I did make friends in line. They even invited me to lunch on Sunday.. which I turned down cause I have a wedding shower to go to. They probably think I’m flaking on them, but I actually want to go.. It’s hard for me to make friends.. Anywho, I got a bit drunk, so I got home in an Uber. Everything hit me at once and I vomited. Tequila is my kryptonite. Never again.


– A “cool” photo Matthew took of me –


I woke up pretty hung over. Matthew woke up early to make me ramen and I fell asleep again. Then we both fell asleep. It was an extremely LAZY day. Think Matthew slept for 16 hours that day. But I forced him to wake up so we could go to the Alameda County Fair.

We got to the fair and ate so much good food. I never got a funnel cake. I’ve been craving one for so long too, but when we got there I didn’t feel like getting one. -__- But yeah I had a great time. :3


-My hungover morning-

5 10 67


Matty and I were supposed to go to the City and hang out with Brye. But then Matthew decided he was gonna go to Benicia to hang out with his dad. Turned out his parents never answered his calls or texts, so he ended up spending another lazy day with me. We ate sushi and walked down to the beach.



Matthew and I walked down the street to watch the Alameda Parade**. Then we got In n’ Out. IN N’ OUT = LOVE. Then I sat around the house working on my LJ. ā¤

Mmm.. But yeah. We walked down to the beach to watch fireworks. It was ice cold!


This weekend most of my friends went to AX. This year Matthew and I decided not to go. It was best for me anyway, because I don’t have a dollar to my name! But looking at posts and photos on Fb, I’m happy everyone had a great time!

Even though I didn’t do much over the weekend, I still enjoyed my time with Matthew. We never have our time to ourselves together. (mostly him busy, cause I’m an unemployed bum) Anyway, think my FOMO is passing. I need to appreciate my time. šŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed the read. :p


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