Alameda County Fair

This is my instax collection at the Alameda County Fair. More of than half of them are terrible.

I forgot about the bulb exposure setting.. nor have I used it yet. I need to experiment more! All my polaroids are of people and group shots. Which is not always bad. They’re great memories with great people!

ANYWAY! I’m still learning! :p

Camera: Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Scan 2016-7-3 10.19.41 copy 2

Chair Swing Carousel | Automatic

*Personally I love how this photo turned out, but if I wanted to have a still shot then Kids mode is the way to go!

Scan 2016-7-3 10.19.41 copy

Clown Trash | Automatic, L

*Like this photo too, but I could have used Party mode to lighten the background

Scan 2016-7-3 10.19.41

Corndog Lover | Automatic

Scan 2016-7-7 14.00.15 copy 4

County Fair | L+

*Bulb Expose would have brighten the image, BUT I was on a ferris wheel..

Scan 2016-7-7 14.00.15 copy 2

Carousel | Double Exposure

Scan 2016-7-7 14.00.15 copy 3

Ferris Wheel | Automatic, L+

*Suggestion: bulb exposure

Scan 2016-7-7 14.00.15

Carnival games & Ferris Wheel | L

*Suggestion: bulb exposure

Scan 2016-7-7 14.00.15 copy

Amusement Park | Automatic

*Suggestion: bulb exposure

Thanks for reading!

Still a learning experience for me! 🙂


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