Pokemon Go!

It’s Monday!


I have been so anxious all week, but everything has come together on this day! The group also decided on an Airbnb for Tokyo! I was getting pretty stressed over it because all the good places were being taken, but the host of the place we’re renting from gave us $500 off our total! I am so extremely grateful. Meliza never gets this lucky!

But yeah, I was super happy this day! Plus we went to snowflake got my favorite chocolate shaved ice! But Matthew’s Strawberry ice cream was kinda better.. Mmm. Then we played a bit of Pokemon Go. Matthew and I downloaded the app when it first came out, but Matthew finally started playing on this day.

2a 1a


I went shopping and played Pokemon Go. That game is super addicting. Then I met up with friends in the city. Alexis told me 6pm, so I show up around 6:20pm asking where she was.. Turns out she told everyone but me that she pushed back the time. So I was alone for an hour and half eating chicken waffles and a beer to myself. Hahaha. Then she showed up and so did the group. TBH I was irritated for part of the night because I was excluded out of a lot of plans and then added in when I called Alexis out for not telling me anything. Then the group tried to make go to the club after. Everyone was dressed for the club except me. So I just went home.

There’s a point in your life when you find you and your friends have grown apart. That was one of many. No offense. They’re so fun and live in the moment, but I’m not at that point of my life. They will always be important in my life though.1a


I watched One Punch Man all morning. I’ve been watching anime lately. I was re-watching Naruto, but then didn’t feel like watching a super long series, so I started One Punch Man and man….. that shit made me laugh so much. I’m a fan.

Then I went to a family wedding shower. Surprisingly not much of my family was there. I felt extremely anti-social so I walked around the block with my bro-in-law and nephew playing Pokemon Go. I was also feeling sick. It was hot inside and I had eaten a whole plate of desserts.

I left early and Matthew was not home. This loser had left to play Pokemon Go. -__- So we ended up playing for a couple of hours. We found a place where people kept setting off lures. I had so much fun. It’s so much more fun and addicting when you have figured out the game completely cause I used to just be like “meh.. I’ll play later”. But I’m pretty addicted now!




Anywho that was my weekend. Thanks for keeping up with my boring life! 🙂


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