Taking Back Tuesday | Emo Night

Last night, Matthew and I joined Pipa, Iris, and new people I met (Ave and Marvin) to Taking Back Tuesday! Matthew and I saw Pipa’s snaps of one of the nights he went and it looked so much fun so we joined in! Emo Night is basically an event where people come together and listen to old emo songs, which is pretty much high school music to me. It’s extremely nostalgic!


I got there and saw the line. I looked at the peoples’ outfits then looked at mine.. I was not dressed for the occasion! Emo music is about a decade old now so I thought people would have dressed differently.. Like with the times! But maybe people dressed as if they did during that time they listened to emo music? hahaha. I DON’T KNOW!

But yeah.. Right when I got there, I saw someone from high school and thought “man.. this is SO weird!” So I had this mentality to enjoy myself and to be16 again! Ahaha. It was a really cool event. I only knew about 1/4th of the songs honestly. Also bad with lyrics, but there were lots of Blink 182 songs and mosh pitting. I got hit so many times.

The difference I felt about punk rock concerts then vs. us “emo” kids now is that we’re so grown and a LITTLE more mature now.


1 – We’re of age now and everyone was drunk listening to emo music vs. sober high school kids with endless energy

2 –  People are a bit more respectful; if you were pushed, people apologize! And if you fell, people instantly pick you back up instead of trampeling all over you.

3 – Everyone is so freakin’ FRIENDLY, instead of having that emo aesthic – “I hate everything and everyone”

One thing that remained the same – Sweaty men who sweat thru their shirts.. One push into these guys means your own shirt is drenched. >.<FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) IMG_3657

Anyway, I had a really great time. Probably will go again. 🙂


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