Feeling Sleepy | Weekend Post

Probably going to bed soon.. 10pm is my regular bedtime and I usually wake by 7. I’m going to miss getting so much sleep! Anywho.. Weekend post yo!


I babysat the nephew. He’s so adorable. Definitely going to miss my time with him even though he pretends to hate me when there’s other people around. Later I headed home and a bunch of our friends came by. We were supposed to go on a pokemon adventure, but we ate out and mostly just hung out at our place. I didn’t mind that at all. I enjoy having people over.


MattynMeziee Visitors (started recently)


Matthew and I went on a date and Matthew had planned/navigated the whole trip! So I had a ton of fun not stressing about everything! We had burgers at this cool old school burger joint, then went to the Stanley Kubrick Exhibit. After Matty and I sat in the grass at the Metreon and played Pokemon for a bit. We then took Muni to Haight, but stopped at a sooner stop to hang out at Duboce Dog Park. All the dogs there were SO adorable. I love it when dogs run free; they’re just so happy! Anywho, we played Pokemon there for a while and walked to Haight.

Think we walked down Haight in the wrong direction because I didn’t see any cool thrift stores, but I still had fun. We walked pretty far actually! We ended up just walking towards our dinner spot, but found a consignment store where we spend an hour in! There was so much stuff!! But yeah then we had dinner, which was deep dish pizza. OMG.. It was SO delicious! The crust was made out of cornmeal. Ugh.. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

But yeah it was a great day and I was super happy the entire day. 🙂 We both had our favorite American foods: burgers and pizza! It was definitely a great way to spend a Saturday. I ended up knocking out at 10 and missed out on karaoke.

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I woke up and Trevor was here. He came by at 3am to spend the night. I hung out with him for a bit and then he left for the airport. After Matty and I went to In n’ Out. We’re really obsessed. :/ And I’m getting fat again! hahah oh well.. I’m in training mode right now so I’ll lose the fat… eventually (hopefully).

But yeah, then Matthew, Brye, and I went to watch Fight Club in theaters. Oddly enough, it’s one of my favorite movies. I think because I can sort of relate to the main character. Only because he created a person of who he really wants to be “Tyler Durden”. I have this type of person I want to be, but don’t put in the effort to be that person because at the same time I think I should accept who I am. (conflicting problem..) Anyway, Tyler is my favorite character and he has the greatest life quotes.

For example: “You’re not your job.. You’re not the contents of your wallet”. “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything”. “Stop being perfect.. let the chips fall where they may”.

I really like this movie because all the quotes make me see life in a different light. I’m too busy trying to control everything and get so stressed if things don’t go as planned. I need to let a lot of things go and go with the flow. I stress myself out for no reason. An ongoing problem I’ve had for years..


Anywho. That was my eventful weekend.

Lately, I haven’t been wanting to share too much of my personal life/feelings.. I mostly share what I do on eventful days and keep what I’m feeling and goals in a personal journal I have. I have learned my lesson. Aha

But yeah.. A ton of things are happening at the moment and I got a busy life ahead now! So I gotta go full force and do my best! FIGHTING!


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