Hot Cheetos & Mint Chocolate Chip

I had hot cheetos and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dinner last night. >.<

Hmm.. so an update.

I had my first week of work this week! And I actually like it there. The first two days were online training which was extremely tedious. I couldn’t stand starring at a screen watching videos for 8 hours, I was going crazy! By the 3rd day, my manager didn’t know what to do with me because he thought I’d be training for 3 days. I was trained in a certain task and then the server went down for 2 hours. I decided to use the time to talk to people in the office that I had met during lunch.

Before the shift ended, one of them had asked me if I wanted to join the group for happy hour. I decided to go and I had a good time. There was 6 of us and everyone was so young and chill. They are all single, independent, and love to drink! I found myself getting comfortable and happy to have found people to become friends with in the office.

On the fourth day, I trained some more. I struggled a bit with the programs used, but I think I have a hang of it now.. Just waiting for my official training on Tuesday. Then I was added into a group chat on Jabber called Poke. There was about 8 people in it and we all just alerted each other if there was a Pokemon in the area for Pokemon Go. Our office sits above 3 Pokespots, so it’s perfect when people in the building set lures.

Then at lunch we all walked over to the Ferry Building to eat and catch Pokemon. It was pretty fun. Some of them even invited me to an event at Zynga after work, but I already had plans to watch a movie with Matthew.

On Friday, I couldn’t find anymore things to do. Without full training, there’s only so much I can do. So I spent a lot of time going through the programs trying to get a better feel for it. But yeah.. That was my week. I’m starting to become more comfortable at work and my manager isn’t too bad either. I just don’t know how to talk to him.. The whole office is pretty informal. So when it comes to talking to my manager I try not to sound too formal, but I end up coming off as an asshole.. hahaha or at least I think so.

But yeah.. I was pretty proud of myself this week. My goal was to make one friend this week and instead I ended up meeting so many cool people. I also had a lot of energy this week. The work isn’t draining! And I had the energy to continue my training. The commute isn’t too bad either! I actually love my morning commute. I walk down to the bus stop (which happens to be in front of a PokeGym) and wait for the huge transbay bus. I have a guarantee seat and all I do is watch Netflix and catch Pokemon.

It was a good week. I’m really happy to be working again. 🙂


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