2nd week of work

The week really went by fast!

Monday, I did a bunch of easy stuff and sat around reading files trying to get a better understanding of what our company does. Then on Tuesday, an remote co-worker from Humbolt came to train me and she was really just awesome. So lively and silly. 🙂

While she was here, I learned a lot about my position. This week everything was really coming together, so I felt more confident about my work. It’s just an entry level position, but I’m happy that I’m learning and have made friends. I’m sure it’ll become repetitive later, but whatever.

On Monday and Tuesday, I think I had lunch by myself. Which I didn’t mind. Some days I feel social and some days I want to be alone. On Wednesday, I had lunch with these two employees that work on the other side of the office. They’re both new so they wanted to eat with me. Us new people need to stick together! Ahaha. Then Thursday, I was heating up my food and so was Adrienne and we had lunch together with Imani. They took me to a terrace which was awesome!

Side note: Mcdonald’s Garlic Fries are AMAZING.

Then right before the shift ended, Anna hit me up and a big group of us ended up staying after work. Drinking and playing trivia! They’re really cool people. Then today Friday, Jon and I wanted to catch Charmanders so me, him, and Adrienne walked to the pier and I saw 2! Super excited about that. Then I got back to work and Jon came to my desk with Garlic Fries from Adrienne and boba from Chris. T.T People in the office are cool.

But yeah.. Now it’s Friday night. I gotta go do training in a bit and then will probably play Pokemon Go like the loser that I am. But yeah, in conclusion, I’m happy that things have come together. Things do happen for a reason! And! First Republic Bank (the job that offered then denied me because of my vacation in DEC) is RIGHT ACROSS the street! So I laugh at them everyday because I am making way more. :p


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