Family Monterey Trip

It’s Friday!

I have been too busy to post about my fun weekend last weekend and post polaroid photos! But being busy is not a problem to me! I went from having too much time to having something to do everyday! I’ve been really happy lately. 🙂

But anyway! On Sunday, my family went to Monterey! We were supposed to rent a 12-seater car for all of us, but the car rental place said they didn’t have the car available even though I had made a reservation 3 weeks ago! -__- I was SO PISSED and argued with the manager. That mother fucker got a bad review on Yelp. Used his name and everything. Anywho, we had to drive to Benicia to borrow Mark’s car because my car has been pretty unreliable lately. :/

We met my family in Carmel and ate at this fancy Italian restaurant. Pretty delicious! And a cook came from the back kitchen to serenade my DEAF mom in Spanish. It was awesome though. Then we went to Monterey. Topher, Matt, and I caught some really cool Pokemon there! Ahaha. Later, we rented bikes and it was SO FUN. Faye, topher, and baby got the family bike which was really cool. (I’ll post photos). Nana and Kurt got single bikes and Matt and I got the tandum bike. IT WAS HILARIOUS! And a workout! I had so much fun tho.. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was great. We rode our bikes near the ocean. IDK it was just awesome.

Then we ate dinner at this other fancy place called the beach house. It was meh… There was too much wine flavor in my food and I’m not a red wine person. Then midway eating. Johnana started telling the family how she felt the presence of a ghost in the bathroom and that the door opened and closed itself. Fayette and I were so scared and mad that she told us. She could have waited til we left.. but we really had to use the bathroom. My mom didn’t care so her and Johnana went. And me and Faye had a real discussion if we should use the bathroom or not. So we decided to go so that the four of us were together. Faye and I were so scared that we went into the stall together. My mom and johnana were making fun of us and trying to scare us. My mom was throwing water at as and knocking on the stalls. -__- I was scared, but it was a mother and daughters moment.

Afterwards, we headed home. I could tell my mom had a great time and I’m happy we were able to go as a great BIG family. 🙂 Can’t believe she’s 65! My mom is still young and silly.

I love you mom!

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