Trying to keep up

I’m trying to keep up with life, but there’s not enough hours in the day. Making it short.

Week 3 of work went by so fast. I got sick on Monday and forced myself to come to work on super meds. I made it through the week. I had to skip a few days of training, but I made it.

The past weekend was extremely fun. Warped Tour and a family wedding! Warped tour was so nostalgic. Sum 41 and Yellowcard were my main bands. I’ve seen them both back in my prime concert days. The wedding was tons of fun. Seeing my family and cousins made me super happy. Being a part of a CODA family is fun. A lot of singing and signing. 🙂 Weddings are beautiful. Love, family, and the couple are all so beautiful.

Week 4 was so busy. With training and trying to keep up with the house is impossible to do when you work full time and got hobbies. I haven’t even been able to do what I love. I got a video waiting for me to start as well.

Time is flying. In less than a month I’ll be 25. In exactly one month, I’ll be participating in a half marathon. That’s what I have been doing the past 4 weeks. Training.

Two days before my first day of work I decided to challenge myself physically and run a half marathon. I decided on a certain race and I only had 8 weeks to train. One month from now. And since yesterday, I have a running partner. My best friend Molly. 🙂

I currently run at a super slow pace, but I can run 5 miles straight. I need to challenge myself more tho. Become faster.

Anywho. That’s a brief update.


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