Photo spam


Matty and I went to the Kite Festival in Berkeley. Yes, I got hit by a kite.

a b

I always come across black cats when I walk home. 3 to be exact.


Warped Tour

e d

My beautiful cousin got married.


It was lit.


Virgo Sisters


Out of 30 something 1st cousins. We’re the 90’s generation.

1990-1993 Represent! Missing a cousin tho.


Date with my love. ❤


Decorated my desk at work! :3


We ate sushi buffet, pizza, and In n’ Out all in one day.


Currently, I’m in bed. I’m physically beat. I attempted to run 8 miles today and I am extremely sore. My race is in 3 weeks.. I feel like I haven’t progressed very much. Ever since I’ve been running on a treadmill, I haven’t been feeling motivated and I can’t run consistently anymore. I stopped running at two miles to drink my water and felt like fainting. But I pulled through and made it to 8 miles by walking and running. Either way, I’m proud of myself.. Meliza 5 weeks ago wouldn’t be able to make it EIGHT miles. 🙂

Anywho, hope you enjoyed this blog.


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