Dancing in September

It’s officially September! I can never tell if I like September or not.. I like it because it’s my birthday month, but.. it’s everyone’s birthday month! So it’s a bit stressful. Financially stressful! Here is what I have on my plate.

3rd: Armi’s Birthday :3 (don’t really need to celebrate since he’s hundreds of miles aways from me. :/)

9th: My birthday (made no plans)

11th: My race! >.<

13th: My 2nd year anniversary with Matthew

14th: Faye’s Birthday

17th: Matthew’s Birthday

19th: Johnana’s Birthday

28th?: My Godson’s birthday

It’s literally everyone and their mom’s birthday this month. I always found it cool that my sisters’ and I all have our birthdays 5 days apart. It’s also cool that Matthew’s and my anniversary fall right between our birthdays by 4 days.

Anywho, I promise to blog more this month.. my training has taken up all my time. So by mid-month I’ll definitely have more time when it’s over. I can’t believe I only posted 2 entries last month! But I feel that it’s better that way. I journal to myself which is real nice. 🙂

Hmm.. things are coming along nicely. I ran 9.5 miles last week. Slowly, but I did it! Uhh.. Molly is no longer running, so I’m doing it solo again. I have two gym memberships now! I joined Planet Fitness near work and work out at 7am right before work. Everyone at work thinks I’m crazy.. but I’m a morning person!

Work is going smoothly. Everyday I make tasks for myself and keep busy. There’s no micromanaging and I truly enjoy working with the people there. At first I was a bit concerned because no one would really talk to me, but it just took a bit of time. This week was my 7th week! A lot has happened and I made a lot of good friends. 🙂 I even joined beer club!

Oh! This past weekend I saw Perfume! Matthew had bought us tickets. 🙂 I fell in love with them again. I felt so lucky for seeing them a second time.. Which reminds me.. I really need to update my concert list. But yeah anyway.. I think that’s all I got to say for now. I’m really looking forward to Labor Day weekend. 🙂


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