Labor Day Weekend

I am finally working on my mom’s birthday video! It should be going out some time soon. 🙂

Labor Day!…


Matty and I chilled at home for a bit and caught up to the latest episode of Re:Zero. We have been watching 2 hours of anime all week. Lately, I have been getting back into anime. Ever since I watched One Punch Man, I’ve been watching the most recent animes. I even watched a number of new shows like Stranger Things and Mr. Robot. Work and training has made me so pooped that when I go home I just like to sit around and watch trending shows.

Anyway… Later, Matty and I went to In n’ Out. 🙂 Then met up with Andrew and Tokki for Karaoke. Kelvin was in town this weekend! And Harumi was there. First time I really talked to her and she’s pretty cool!


I went for a short 4 mile run and then Matty and I headed to Menlo Park to the PACE Art Gallery. We get there and they were CLOSED! 😦 So we explored Palo Alto and ended up in this cool garden. Later, we went to Berkeley’s Greek Theater and saw Unknown Mortal Orchestra and TAME IMPALA. It was a BEAUTIFUL theater, my favorite so far! And Tame Impala is SO SO SO AMAZING live. There were visuals and light shows. I was so into it. Brye ended up getting a ticket to go too!

After we went to Andrews and freaking Natsu, Ramond, Dennis, and Vincent were there! It was so surprising! I was happy to see them. 🙂 But yeah. I decided to be DD that night and just chilled and laughed at drunk people. I think a good 10 people slept over that night! GOOD! No drinking and driving!

IMG_44832 IMG_4502 IMG_4500



I had plans to visit my sister and my nephew, but they ended up going to Alameda Beach.. On the day I was staying in Benicia! T.T I was pretty sad. But yeah.. we ended up getting Pho with everyone and then went back to Andrews to watch anime. Then for dinner, Matthew’s mom wanted to celebrate his birthday (two weeks early). We went to Dead Fish and that place is so nice! We got a nice view of the bridge that connects Crockett to Vallejo.. Forgot the name of the bridge. But yeah, it was nice because Victor was with us. 🙂



I woke up today and prepared from my last long run before my race next Sunday. I ran ELEVEN MILES today. My legs are dead at the moment.. but I did it! Although.. I still beat myself up for running for so slow. So on mile 7, I decided to take longer strides and by the time I slowed down for mile 8, my legs were super sore. I had to walk the next mile..But yeah. I don’t care if I run slow for this race. It’s my first race, I’m not a runner, and I’m doing well considering I only gave myself 8 weeks to train.

I haven’t done much today.. I woke Matthew up to go grocery shopping. He was up for 5 hours and went back to bed. I wish I could sleep all day and not feel bad.

Yeppp.. that was my weekend.

I’m hoping this work week will go by fast. Friday is my birthday and I finally decided on what to do. Matthew wanted to take me to an expensive sushi restaurant, but I wanted Sinigang more. So we’re having a Sinigang party with the friends. Hope they enjoy my version. 🙂

Well.. thanks for reading! A polaroid post will come soon.


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