The Giant’s Race

It has been exactly one week since my run and my body is pretty much back to normal. I was extremely nervous the day of the race. I woke up at 4:30am and got ready. I had to turn back home twice after leaving because I was nervous and kept forgetting things. I got to AT&T park and made sure i peed, pooped, and stretched. Then the race began!

While training, I always ran on my own, but when I ran that first mile I felt super happy and excited because there were thousands of us running together. I ran the first 5 miles straight and made occasional stops to drink some gatorade. There were also uphill parts that killed me and the downhill parts KILLED me. My knees were failing me and by mile 10-12, I had to walk here and there and stop to stretch my legs.

Then when I got to mile 12.5 I got pretty excited because only .6 miles to go! I passed up mile 13 and then I was making my way into the park. I crossed the finish line and the feeling was great and tiring. I stretched on the field then went to find my sisters and Matthew. They made posters for me and were cheering me on. 🙂  After the run, we headed back to Alameda and had breakfast. I couldn’t eat much because i had felt so exhausted.

We came back to the apt and watched that new OJ simpson show and my sisters gave me desserts for my birthday. 🙂 But yeah.. it was a good day and I’m so happy and proud of myself for finishing the half marathon! I actually finished faster than I thought.. I run REALLY slow.. I mean my mile time is 9 minutes but for long distance it’s 11min/mi. But either way.. I’m proud of myself for participating in my first marathon and finishing it considering I haven’t been in the best shape and training for 8 weeks.

But yeahhh that was my run! for the rest of the week I was sore.. the next day I could barely walk around and there was office yoga I missed out on at work! 😦 My stomach had been acting weird as well. I probably vomitted twice during the week and been having stomach pains. I think I’m okay now and can head back to gym next week. I’ve just been so used to eating everything and being lazy all week. :/

Anywho that was my race.. Still need to journal about my anniversary with Matthew and his birthday.

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Everyone laughed at this pic when I posted it on FB. They said I looked like the ridiculously photogenic running man.



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