MattynMeziee 2nd Anniversary

We reached our 2 years! On this day, Matty met me at work and Ubered to House of Prime Rib! We had made reservations for 9pm cause that was all that was left one month prior, but then luckily got 6:30pm reservations the day before!

We got there early and were seated early. We got crappy corner seats and a waiter that wasn’t enthusiastic at all, which was disappointing because our first time there was probably the best service I had ever had. But anyway! The food there is die for.. so it was worth it! It was crazy to me that the first time we went, I was able to finish the entire prime rib, eat seconds, AND have room for desserts! But this time, I could only eat half my prime rib.. (it’s okay! It made great leftovers!)

1 2


Afterwards, we took Uber to Fisherman’s Wharf. We went into this cool looking bar and had drinks. We took a bunch of photos there! haha. Then we walked down to Pier 39 and Matty had bought us tickets to the Mirror Room (think that’s what it was called?). But yeah we went to this cool place that had a Mirror Maze with neon lights and the employee in there was blasting her music. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I couldn’t tell where I was going so you had to feel around and had to guess what was a mirror and what was a pathway.

4 5 6

There were so many times where I bump into a mirror or I would stick my head into a pathway and scare the living shit out of myself because I saw my own reflection. It was great! We were the only ones in there, and the employee let us stay as long as we wanted. So we ran around and played hide and go seek, which was SO FUNNY. Because there were times where I thought I found Matthew and would reach out for him, but it was the mirror and I was touching his reflection! But yeah.. I highly recommend that place! And go at night cause no one is there.

Then afterwards we rode on the carousel that is also at pier 39. Matthew made me ride on the tea cup and I felt so sick. After getting off, I couldn’t tell what was real.. I thought everything was a mirror and everything was moving so I had to sit for awhile. On our way back to the main road there was a saxophone player playing romantic music and I wanted to dance.. but then I got embarrassed. So we stopped and listened. I thought it was romantic..

7 8 9

Anyway.. Matthew and I aren’t super sappy or corny anymore.. but I still enjoy our romantic time. I’m so grateful and happy to have someone like him. Thank you Matthew! ❤




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