Company Picnic & Matty’s Birthday

Ah I’m so terrible at this.

Last week, my company had a picnic for meeting their goals for a couple of months. So we worked half a day and went to George Washington Park. It was weird seeing everyone wearing normal clothes. I’m so used to seeing everyone in their business clothes or jeans on Fridays, but everyone was in shorts, sweats, and tees. It felt more comfortable that way.

I really enjoyed myself at the park. I was able to take a cool polaroid, eat bbq, and hangout with co workers. People at work are really cool and laid back. My team is so chill and I’m starting to open up. My friends outside of the team are so care free as well. Hopefully things go well in the future.. and I don’t fuck up. Ahaha.


-Matty’s Birthday-

Matthew turned 27 last Saturday! Ahaha he’s getting old! The morning of his birthday I had made him a cake from scratch… I have never made a cake from scratch, so it turned out.. meh! It was dry and so I covered it with frosting and ice cream and it was good to go! Everyone stopped by, even Fayette and Baby! 😀 We had a burger making party and the kitchen was just filled with 15 people and food EVERYWHERE! We all had a great time tho. We ended up watching Train to Busan and I cried SO hard! ahaha.

Then I went to bed while everyone played Mario Party. I woke up the next morning confused because I was hung over? Which was weird because I could have sworn I went to bed sober. Then whoever was left – Andrew, Tokki, Mark, Victor, and Chrisseann; we all walked down to downtown to eat Pho. We instantly all felt better and came back to the apartment to watch the season finale of ReZero and then the guys played more Mario Party.

I think Matthew had a good time. He didn’t want to celebrate his birthday.. but I thought I’d throw him something anyway.. I think every birthday should be celebrated til 30. We’re still young!

I keep telling myself that. I have 5 years left to 30 and I don’t plan on having kids til then.. so might as well enjoy it! (not like being a parent is a bad thing..)

Anywho.. I’ve been terrible at taking photos. I took 0 photos at our party.. not even of my nasty cake!

Well..Thanks for reading! 😀




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