Lazy Meliza

Currently laying at my day bed.

Matthew is in Vegas! I’ve been planning this weekend for some time because I finally had time to myself… but then.. Luke Cage came out on Netflix and I watched a total of 10 episodes since last night and all day today. I also watched 3 episodes of How to Get Away With Murder. I’ve been so lazy!

I woke up energetic and washed my car. Then I got onto the couch and never left! Hahaha! I never thought I would finish this series in one weekend, but I love it so much.. and the music is ON POINT. Just 3 more episodes!!!

I originally had plans with some coworkers to play rage cage, but that didn’t work out.. Earlier this week, I told myself to make other plans in case that doesn’t work out. I had multiple things in line, but I was like… “I ain’t getting ready.”

I have been so lazy as of late. During the week, I’m so exhausted from work that I just chill. By the end of the week, the apt ends up a mess cause I’m too lazy to clean anything! Going to the gym is tiring too.. It’s dark at 6am so it’s so hard to get up. But I need to get healthy..

Uh.. what is new..? Oh my parents gave me money for my birthday so I got an Instax Wide Camera! Finally! I have been wanting to get one for some time! I think that will be the last camera I’ll get in a while. I should be really be saving to buy film. Also, stocking up for my New Years Trip. I have 8 cameras now and need to think of different ways to display them because there’s no more space on my wall.

Hmm.. Oh! my polaroid wall is almost complete. Just need a couple of 600 film photos and start the Instax Wide row. Still debating if I want to do the whole wall. We’re still working on decorations.. So much wall to fill! But our place is coming along. We’ve been here for almost a year now! Time truly flies by.. I’m freakin 25! HAHA!

Polaroid posts are soon to come.

Thanks for reading!


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