On Saturday, Matthew and I drove to Pleasant hill for Malori’s baby shower. Her belly was way bigger from the last time I saw her! She’s about 8 months now. We got her this banana toothbrush from her registry and a Giant’s bib and shoes. Her baby HAS to be a Giant’s fan. We had this conversation before about how her boyfriend is a Red Sox fan.. So I thought it would be funny to get her Giant’s gear.

We didn’t stay long cause we had to rush to the city for Lumpia Palooza! We paid $35 each to get all you can drink.. and it really wasn’t worth it. The line was really long for drinks and we could only finish one pitcher of sangria. Wine makes me sleepy so I kinda wished we got beer instead. I ordered a bunch of lumpia and this adobo rice thing. SUPER GOOD.

Then this food tent owner offered us free lumpia cause we were staring at him. It was the best lumpia there because it was made out of love. He said a 75 year old woman rolled them up herself. The owner was such a good guy; he was so welcoming and felt like our real uncle, so we bought food from his tent even tho we were STUFFED.

Afterwards we took an Uber back and Matty went to celebrate Paris’ birthday while I went to bed early.. I’m such a grandma! But yeah overall it was a fun day and I learned not to pay for all you can drink! I ended up giving my wrist band to a group so they could take more advantage of it.

IMG_4905 IMG_4908 IMG_4906


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