I had a long eventful week! I’ll try to fit it all in this post. Probably won’t be too elaborate.

Tuesday – Taking Back Tuesday

I went to Emo night for my second time! I went with Matty and Iris, Mark, Dainiz, Josh, and Harumi met us there. It was less crowded this night and they played more songs that I knew! I was also with a fun crew so it was fun singing and reminiscing high school music with them. I got home around 12:30am? Matthew and I stopped by Jack in the Box before and it was a complete life saver. I feel like when I eat a greasy ass meal right after drinking, I don’t have such a big hang over the next day. I felt completely fine and was not sleepy at all.

IMG_5005 IMG_5006 7


Wednesday – Warriors Open Practice

I got some open practice tickets from my co-worker the week prior. Then she couldn’t get rid of her other tickets. I took Matthew, Iris, Andrew, and Patrick. We all met at the colisium. When we got there we got our beers and sat down. We watched the Warriors practice, play games with kids, and even sang karaoke. And then that was it! The whole thing was only 20 minutes.. Well we did get there late, but yeah still.. we were like “uhh that’s it?!” But I still had a good time. It was nice just being able to see them.

Afterwards, Matthew, Iris and I went to Tacos Mis Ranchos. I miss that place.. that place is so legit and it used to be so close to our old apartment. But yeah anyway, the three of us got tacos and then sat at the lake. I had a good night.

IMG_4979 6


Thursday – Cooking Date

Matthew and I decided that we should cook more often that way we can start learning to cook different dishes. This week I chose and picked a chicken pesto crescent ring. It was fun and easy! I just forgot to cherry tomatoes.:/ Either way it ended up delicious!

IMG_5023 IMG_5025 2


Friday – Autumn Night Lights

Matthew, Iris, and I had bought tickets a while ago to this event because we attempted to go last year and the whole thing was a complete mess (SOO MANY PEOPLE) and we couldn’t get in.. So we were prepared this year. Turned out tickets never sold out and Adan and Angelica joined us! The five of us walked the whole venue looking at artist’ light work. It was super fun! We were able to play with some of the lights and take a bunch of photos.

Afterwards, everyone came to our place. We watched Justin Timberlake’s concert tour on Netflix, ate a million snacks, and played scatagories. Before we knew it was 1:30am and everyone headed out. It was a good week! And I got to see Iris 3 days of it!

IMG_5063 IMG_5075


Saturday – PACE Gallery

Matthew and I drove to Menlo Park to attempt for the second time and see the Pace Gallery. It was open! The first part of the museum was artwork you couldn’t touch or interact with. Think my favorite room was the room with dangling lights. Matthew called it the “Instagram room” cause everyone takes their IG pics there! Then we went to the next building. It was meant for kids, but I think that section was my favorite part of the whole museum. There were two walls with projectors and we were playing with the fishes on one wall and trucks/spaceships on the other side. After doing that for 10 minutes, we realized that all the objects on the projectors were drawings kids made.

So we picked up these papers with outlines on them and colored them. I picked a jellyfish outline and drew a cat. Matthew picked a space ship and drew an alien on it. Then we scanned our drawings and they came to life on the projectors! It was SOO cool. I felt like a child!

Then after we drove to SJ to go to Gen KBBQ? I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Apparently, it’s a great big hype and everyone and their mom was there. The wait time was 1 1/2 hours. So we just left. When we got home I just watched Mulan. It always makes me feel happy.

IMG_5134 IMG_5112 5


But yeah! That was my eventful week! I’m extremely broke now! Aha. Least I had a good time. =)


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