Cut Cut Paste

“Cut Cut Paste” – Tokyo Police Club

It’s been a while since I’ve done an OOTD. I wore this outfit for mine and Matthew’s date to PACE Gallery. My top is originally a dress, but I cut it.. and I cut it too short. So now it’s a crop top!

c b

These photos were taken before I cut my hair. It’s quite short now. I cut off 10-12 inches? It was time. There were times I would just give up with it. Last week I had a fatty knot in the back and I just left it there, cause the more I brushed my hair the more would break off. But yeah I got it cut on Thursday and today I got it cut again, cause I didn’t like the length in the back and my hair was just too thick and I couldn’t curl it the way I wanted it..

But yeah I felt nothing when the lady cut my hair.. Hair grows. Besides I cut my hair this short every 2-3 years. I like it short, but then again I like it long too.. I just hate the middle length, when I’m trying to grow it out.

Anywho here are some photos.

d e a

Thanks for reading


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