I’ve been really bad at this blogging thing.. 

Life as of late has been content. The weather really has an affect on my mood. It’s been cloudy/rainy the last few days so I’ve just been real lazy and unproductive. Not planning on going to the gym this week. Haha. Actually lost a couple of pounds, but a pound of it had to be due to cutting 12 inches of thick hair. (If possible). 

Umm work is work. Half my team came back from vacation last week and it’s been real slow. So I’ve been learning a ton of stuff. Also becoming just a wee bit independent.. my coworker definitely hears less of her name. I have my mains at work which is cool. I have lunch with the same people, at the same time, watching the same exact show.. everyday. Haha I enjoy it tho. 🙂 They’re cool people and down to hang. 

What else has happened… umm my life consists of Game of Thrones and working. Basically that’s it. Uhhh.. Carla and Angelica slept over the weekend to celebrate Angelica’s birthday. We literally all knocked out at 12am. But it was nice seeing them all. Danielle even stopped by the next day. Then the Piques/Gonzales family and Matty and I went to Round 1 for some Karaoke. I love their family. Next week we’re celebrating Adan and Iris’ birthdays. So that’ll be cool. 

But yeah.. that’s pretty much it. A Polaroid post will eventually come..


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