Skinny Love

Currently I am on the couch with Han and Oz and chillin’. Matty is asleep. He’s working odd hours this week 1am – 9am. So he’s trying to catch a few zzz’s before his shift.

Hmm… Life has been pretty stress-free as of late. Work has kept me extremely busy. I rarely check my phone during my shifts because I’ve been so focused on getting work done. Although by the end of the day, I always asked myself “did I really accomplish anything?”. I do a bunch of easy work that seems to take large chunks of my day so I tend to think I haven’t accomplished anything,  but I guess it helps the rest of my team do less tedious work?

I don’t know. I’m trying different ways to work faster and more efficient. Soon it’ll become more busy and I need to get a daily routine down that works for me. Anywho, work is fine. I’m comfortable and don’t dread it. It’s nice to have friends at work too. I have lunch with the same people everyday so that’s nice. I hang out with co-workers at least once a week. Last week we went ice skating, the week before I actually went to a club!, and this week I’m trying out yoga. I’m telling myself to get out there more..

Other than hanging out with co-workers, I have been sucked into the Game of Thrones hype. For the last month, Matty and I have been coming home and watching 2-3 episodes. It is by far my favorite show and I am IN LOVE with one of the main characters so it makes watching the show so much better. I also finished Bob’s Burgers and Terrace House this weekend. What is life? I have been so lazy.

I honestly don’t mind though. I haven’t worked out, put out a video, or updated this blog, but I’m okay with that. It’s not that I’m not motivated, I just feel so content and there’s no pressure to do any of those things. I’m happy. (Also happy with my extra winter/holiday weight) LOL

Anyway.. things I’m looking forward to.. THANKSGIVING, days off!, Disneyland, Christmas parties, and Japan and Korea of course!

I’m doing okay. 😀


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