Love the World Hate the World

Yay Saturday Morning!

My life and my apartment has been a crazy mess. Christmas is in a week so there’s packages EVERYWHERE! This year I bought everything online, no crazy shopping for me!

Hmm… Let’s catch up?

Last week was my company’s party.. Newbies are required to perform at the talent show, so I ended up doing a theme song cover of Fresh Prince of Belair in Sign Language. I was nervous the entire day and when I got up there I was shaky, but once the song started I did pretty well. I messed up a few times, but no one could tell. And in the end I won the show! I got a $50 gift card, so I may buy film before my trip!

12 11

Hm.. I talked about Disneyland already.. But here are some photos!

10 9 8 7 6

Let’s see.. on Wednesday, our team went to see Circus Soleil. It was so amazing. I was drunk and super loud. hahah. Then Thursday Matty and I went to Yank Sing! I made reservations during out lunch so I came back to work happy!

4 3


Anyway.. Yesterday Matty and I went to his company party. It was in a huge warehouse and there had to be thousands of people there. I was getting anxiety at first cause I was expecting to be that many people, but I loosened up. There was so much free drinks and food. I was in awe. Photos hurrr:

2 1

Today I gotta get to work and clean up this mess I call life. I gotta wrap presents, walk down to the store, and bake something yummy for our “Friendsmas”. Not looking forward to it to be honest.. This year our friend group decided to open our party to a bunch of people, but it got out of hand and everyone decided to bring plus 1’s. Even plus 1’s are bringing plus 1’s. I decided not to get involved this year. I could’t handle the unnecessary stress before the holidays and my vacation. But yeah.. missing the intimate Friendsmas years.. this year it’s going to be a huge party. I’d leave early if I could.

That’s been the type of mood I’ve been in lately. I don’t like anyone!

Anywhoo! I’m going to try to put out a video before Japan. See ya’ll later.


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