Feelings change.

I wasn’t looking too forward to Friendsmas but it ended up being a ton of fun. I always go thru these phases of where I hate everyone, but then when I see them- I truly appreciate them.
I got everyone scratchers as a gift. I hope they liked it.. it was a lame gift but it was something I could afford to give to everyone. Next time everyone is just getting a random ass gift from Daiso. Haha.
But yeah the party. It was cool. Almost everyone showed up. Even Brye’s girlfriend that everyone loved! 🙂 I’m happy for him. Umm.. we played white elephant with shots again and Matthew and I ended up with a heater and my gift which is basically an inflatable couch. We drank a ton and my tolerance was quite high! I took a bunch and played bp. We had a tournament this year and real belts that Chrissean bought.
Matty and I exploded Andrew and Tokki and cleaned up quite nicely. Then we played Ada and Vu. We also exploded and won. Suddenly we were in finals and I was drunk. Don’t remember all the plays except the last ones. We played Brye and Moktar and I honestly didn’t care if we won or lost against them. They had four cups and got them all in one go because they both hit a cup and landed in another. -__-
Matthew and I had a rebuttal shot and there was only cup left that we had to make. And Matthew got it!! I was so proud of him! Because I thought we were done. We never get the last cup. After shots back and forth, I made the last cup! Brye and Moe missed their rebuttal and we won! We are Beer Pong champs!  :3 I was just proud that I was able to get the last cups in all 3 games. That never happens! Khoa almost got it on video.. haha
But yeah the night was fun. Everyone ended up wasted and spending the night. My favorite parts of the night was bp, Tokki making French fries and Matthew was trying to eat them straight from the pan, and Andrew running around outside thinking a cup of water was his phone.
I’m glad it was a drama free night. I’m happy I was in a better mood. I need to appreciate my friends.
Photos are to come..
Oh! And I filmed my Mannequin Challenge video! accident! Haha

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