Before 2016 Ends

Seems like everyone is having a bad year. I did too, but we are so close to 2017 and I’m in Japan so it’s daijoubu.

I usually hate the phrase “New year, new me”, but I already set aside some goals for the new year to come. I didn’t originally plan to make goals, but after this month of disappointment I thought I’d better myself after my vacation, which happens to be a new year.

Some goals:

-Spend more time with Family. Actually be present when I am with them

-Eat healthy (I never eat vegetables…)

-Exercise! – Winter got me so lazy and I have no energy

-Read more!

-Stay organized


I’m keeping my goals list pretty short. No need to put pressure on myself. I tend to do that and it basically fucked up my whole year. Being unemployed for 6 months was the start of it and then as the months went on, I got anxious every once in a while. Matthew has been one of my biggest supporters; he even bought me a few books on treating my anxiety for Christmas. So thoughtful!

But yeah. Here’s to me! After this vacation, I’m going home with a positive mind.

Thanks for reading – a Christmas will soon come (hopefully).


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