Hi 2016!

9 days late…

It is 9:24pm and I’m attempting to organize my vacation footage. I probably have like 300+ and I’m not about that life right now.

Surprisingly I have energy at the moment, but man you should have seen me at work today! It was a real struggle to keep my eyes open. I’m part jetlagged and part tired from 2 weeks of vacation. Hopping back into work mode is difficult too. I am still trying my best at work tho! I don’t want to fall behind nor have some pick up my slack.

Umm.. updates. I haven’t been blogging much! I have a personal physical journal now and have no need to write entries in here anymore. Although.. it is a lot more easier to type what I think and I can post media. hmm.. well idk. might downgrade this journal. It’s not like anyone reads it, I don’t share it, and I’d be even more embarrassed if someone told me they actually read it. I don’t like the attention, but at the same time I like putting my thoughts out there.

Anywho.. blahhhh i don’t want to edit my vlogs. -__-

Kay. back to work.


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