This weekend all I have eaten was Korean food!

Friday was Chrissean’s birthday so after work Matty, Brye, Mo, and I went to Uber to hang out and then off to this Korean restaurant. It was nice seeing everyone. I got to see people I don’t usually see like Matteo, Priscilla, Harumi, and Irene so it was fun catching up. Oh F4 was there too. They’re fun people.

Matthew and I didn’t want to club (we’re not club people) so we just went home and did adult things.. aka unwrap our new couch. Yep.. Dropping monies on furniture is the way to go.

On Saturday I woke up pretty grumpy, cause I spend a lot of time cleaning while Matthew sleeps in til 1. So he helped me out when he woke up and then I ended up taking a nap for an hour or so. I was feeling kind of sick after eating the Korean food so I just laid on the couch.

Then later on we went to Porno Palace to eat more Korean food for Jess’ birthday. It’s always nice seeing Jess and Malloy. I definitely feel closer to Jess. She’s cool people. Then Matthew and I split ways.

Sunday- I went home to visit my parents and then to my sister’s to play with baby and watch the super bowl. I was still feeling a bit nauseous so I couldn’t eat much. :/

It’s Monday and it wasn’t so bad. With my manager gone, I’m not doing hella random jobs and I get a lot done. I feel a lot more useful that way. It also good to have Cindy there everyday. She really gets me through my day. She listens to all my rants, me complain because I’m hungry- but I’m fat, and answers all my questions. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s is truly my best friend at work. hahah

Uhh.. I’m hoping for a relaxing week again. My boss comes back tomorrow I think? Ahhh and I’m doing Insanity with my coworkers this week again. Need to lose this belly fat before the cruise!

Anywhooooooo… This Tokyo vlog will never get done. 😛


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