March Madness

Well.. hello there.

March was a hell of a month and I was so glad it was over. Basically my social life was put on hold. Never ever ever decide to join a month walking spree challenge. It ruined my life and I was obsessed with walking for the whole 31 days. I walked 8-10 miles a day.

I walked to bart (2 miles), worked, ran 2-3 miles during lunch, then walked more when I got home. I haven’t been able to sit down on the couch and relax at all.. I literally watched tv while walking. LOL it sounds so stupid, but it was my department versus another department and I really couldn’t let my team members down..

Long story short.. our team won by a landslide and the other team decided to be shady and quit the last week of the month. Never again.. But I got free breakfast, free lunch, and bragging rights out of it? And well.. closer to my teammates. Our hikes were fun. 😀

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 10.23.31 PMAt the end of the month, my family and I went on a cruise. I mean my WHOLE family; it was a Merino Family reunion. :3 I had custom shirts made for everyone! 64 people came!

It was a fun trip, but I really did not like being on a ship.. Sea sickness is a real thing. I also got sick on the 2nd day (which also happened to be my first day free from the challenge). My immediate family calls me patient zero because Matthew, my dad, both my sisters, my brother in law, Kurt, and baby got sick!

I was sick for a week after. :/ Now I have this annoying cough. Anyway, the trip was fun. Mexico was the best part because Matty and I went zip lining. A vlog will come eventually… Speaking of vlogs, I finally put out my Korea vlog. Not my best work, but I wanted to get it over with.

Umm umm.. I’ve been working overtime. So exhausting! Not to mention I’m a back up for a co-worker for 2 weeks. It’s a ton of work, 3x my workload. But when my co-worker is out that’s when I learn the most and improve on my time management skills.

Tomorrow night I leave for Indio for Coachella. It’s not the best line up, but it’s still an experience right? We’re camping and man.. I don’t know if I’m going to be happy. It’s going to be hot as fuck and I spent a shit load of money. So much that I did NOT buy Coachella outfits.. But I’ll try to make the best of the trip as long as we have a cool tent and tasty beer.

Oh! I am also blonde again.. Matthew and I bleached it ourselves, because none of the salons were open when I was available and it was too expensive. I usually get it done at a beauty school first and then bleach it more later on.. but I felt “experienced” enough. I’ve bleached my hair 3 times in the last 4 days.. SO NOT HEALTHY. But I did not want to walk around with orange and yellow hair. My coworker said it was blorange today. HAHA.

Anywho.. It’s blonde and ready to go for Coachella (not the reason why I dyed it). I forget how many double looks I get. I’ve been getting a ton from people in the office . I don’t like the attention. Especially cause my hair wasn’t fully done. -__-

But yeah.. It’s nice to blog. I need to get back into posting polaroids again and maybe yelp (nawwww). We’ll see what happens. I just want to relax.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 10.41.42 PM


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