One of my main goals in life is to build better relationships. In the past few months I felt pretty distant from everyone and forgot what it was like to interact with friends and family. I have been really trying lately though. I bought a plane ticket to spend quality time with Armi in July and I made myself go to Fanime.

Fanime this year was actually one of my favorite cons. Matthew and I only went for two nights (back and forth from home) to see friends and to party. Seeing everyone warmed my heart and made me realized I have been friend deprived for too long.

I also felt very appreciated.. So many people had things to say about me, good things! Chris told people we had just met that Matthew and I were the nicest people he knows. Priscilla was so happy that I had her and her bf Andrew tag along with us all Saturday night. Lauren explained to me that she was thankful that we met up at the Perfume concert months ago, because it was her all time favorite concert and was happy that it was with us. :’)

Adrian told me how he’s so happy that Matthew and I are together and we were a perfect match. Dennis wanted to see me as much as I wanted to see him, so he set an event on fb messenger to meet up at 11pm on Saturday to take a shot together. So when it came to 11pm he ran to the room where I was and poured me a shot. :’) And of course Josh who was straight up with me and said “You’re really insecure”. My face was like. O.O !! Then he told me I didn’t realize how “gorgeous” I am.

Hanging out with all these people made me feel good inside.. A lot of times I think people don’t care about me, but for them to say those things to my face made me feel truly appreciated and makes me want to work on my relationships with people. I want to be a better friend, coworker, sister, and daughter.

On Monday, I got to spend quality time with my family and it was a fun spontaneous day. My dad made us filipino food and we laid out blankets and chairs and caught up. We also played volleyball! My dad totally ate shit! haha! Can’t believe he’s turning 60 this year! Seeing my mom made me happy too cause she was playing with Luca and chasing him around trying to feed him. It was nice seeing Faye eat again (she was sick for 3 weeks and barely ate). Johnana too, she’s always super positive and full of energy. I look up to the both of the them and always wish I could open up to them more.

Today, I went on a spontaneous trip with my coworkers Johanna and Chris to Fuji’s. Think I learned more about them.. but I feel a bit more comfortable with them. I also realized that I appreciate Cindy; she teaches me to be patient and not to be a nosey person like I usually am! LOL

There’s a lot of things I need to work on.. mostly my insecurities and escaping my non-existent depression. But keeping healthy relationships is the only way for me to keep sane.



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