This weekend all I have eaten was Korean food!

Friday was Chrissean’s birthday so after work Matty, Brye, Mo, and I went to Uber to hang out and then off to this Korean restaurant. It was nice seeing everyone. I got to see people I don’t usually see like Matteo, Priscilla, Harumi, and Irene so it was fun catching up. Oh F4 was there too. They’re fun people.

Matthew and I didn’t want to club (we’re not club people) so we just went home and did adult things.. aka unwrap our new couch. Yep.. Dropping monies on furniture is the way to go.

On Saturday I woke up pretty grumpy, cause I spend a lot of time cleaning while Matthew sleeps in til 1. So he helped me out when he woke up and then I ended up taking a nap for an hour or so. I was feeling kind of sick after eating the Korean food so I just laid on the couch.

Then later on we went to Porno Palace to eat more Korean food for Jess’ birthday. It’s always nice seeing Jess and Malloy. I definitely feel closer to Jess. She’s cool people. Then Matthew and I split ways.

Sunday- I went home to visit my parents and then to my sister’s to play with baby and watch the super bowl. I was still feeling a bit nauseous so I couldn’t eat much. :/

It’s Monday and it wasn’t so bad. With my manager gone, I’m not doing hella random jobs and I get a lot done. I feel a lot more useful that way. It also good to have Cindy there everyday. She really gets me through my day. She listens to all my rants, me complain because I’m hungry- but I’m fat, and answers all my questions. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s is truly my best friend at work. hahah

Uhh.. I’m hoping for a relaxing week again. My boss comes back tomorrow I think? Ahhh and I’m doing Insanity with my coworkers this week again. Need to lose this belly fat before the cruise!

Anywhooooooo… This Tokyo vlog will never get done. πŸ˜›


Tokyo Vlog

Throwing it out the window cause I don’t want to look at it anymore. The past two weeks have drained me with always playing catch up at work to dieting/working out early mornings.

My brain won’t stop talking to me either. I need a staycation. I feel anxious for no reason at all. >.<


Finally working on my Tokyo Vlog.. The last couple of days have been busy and so I haven’t had time to start it.

Matty and I had dinner plans with Molly and John. We had Burma superstar and caught up. Molly and I have really been friends for 20 years.. We only see each other like 3 times a year, but it’s always really nice to catch up!

The furniture Matthew and I ordered came! We switched out one of our cube shelves for a small one and then bought a large L-shaped table. πŸ˜€ That way we have space to work on our videos. But yes.. The table is perfect! And we’re buying another monitor so we have the whole set up.

I had beer club at work and I was drunk and super confident. I bragged about being good at BP and then lost by a cup. HAHA. That humbled me. Then on the way home I met some deaf students and got to courage to talked to them. One them said I looked familiar.. and I was like.. must be a family member of mine. But then 5 minutes later she said she saw me on YouTube. O.o I was like no way…

I was quite happy on the way home and it made feel less shitty about my busy days at work. Someone actually recognized me!

Work is meh. But afterwards, I went to Uber and had a few drinks with Matty. Later we met up with Brye, Emma, and xchrissean. We went to this AYCE and drink Sushi place with Brye’s friends. They were all pretty cool and I met some new friends. Young, new friends. We drank our monies worth and came back home where I vomitted sushi bits. πŸ˜€

Matty and I went to China town for Chinese New Years, but we’re pretty sure we missed all the excitement. We still took a ton of cool photos. I got to use my Chinese New Year film. πŸ˜€ Then we walked down to the Ferry Building and ate at Gotts. We sat outside and saw protesters and police action. Trump has put a ban on refugees entering the US from 7 middle-eastern countries. T.T So it has been crazy this weekend.

But yeah. Then Matthew said he has never taken the Ferry so I decided to take him. πŸ˜€ It was fun and super beautiful. We got back home and had dinner with Brye and Emma. They decided to sleep over again so we watched La La Land and Dumb and Dumber. We also wore beauty face masks. I literally have 100- might as well use them!

I went grocery shopping and meal prepped for the whole week. >.< Yeah… Two more months til my cruise so I need to get rid of this belly. T.T Matthew and I also finished "The New Edition Story"; so good. Now.. I'm just sitting here supposed to be working on my vlog. I always get sidetracked.

I never fail at giving into distractions and procrastination!

Hi 2016!

9 days late…

It is 9:24pm and I’m attempting to organize my vacation footage. I probably have like 300+ and I’m not about that life right now.

Surprisingly I have energy at the moment, but man you should have seen me at work today! It was a real struggle to keep my eyes open. I’m part jetlagged and part tired from 2 weeks of vacation. Hopping back into work mode is difficult too. I am still trying my best at work tho! I don’t want to fall behind nor have some pick up my slack.

Umm.. updates. I haven’t been blogging much! I have a personal physical journal now and have no need to write entries in here anymore. Although.. it is a lot more easier to type what I think and I can post media. hmm.. well idk. might downgrade this journal. It’s not like anyone reads it, I don’t share it, and I’d be even more embarrassed if someone told me they actually read it. I don’t like the attention, but at the same time I like putting my thoughts out there.

Anywho.. blahhhh i don’t want to edit my vlogs. -__-

Kay. back to work.

Before 2016 Ends

Seems like everyone is having a bad year. I did too, but we are so close to 2017 and I’m in Japan so it’s daijoubu.

I usually hate the phrase “New year, new me”, but I already set aside some goals for the new year to come. I didn’t originally plan to make goals, but after this month of disappointment I thought I’d better myself after my vacation, which happens to be a new year.

Some goals:

-Spend more time with Family. Actually be present when I am with them

-Eat healthy (I never eat vegetables…)

-Exercise! – Winter got me so lazy and I have no energy

-Read more!

-Stay organized


I’m keeping my goals list pretty short. No need to put pressure on myself. I tend to do that and it basically fucked up my whole year. Being unemployed for 6 months was the start of it and then as the months went on, I got anxious every once in a while. Matthew has been one of my biggest supporters; he even bought me a few books on treating my anxiety for Christmas. So thoughtful!

But yeah. Here’s to me! After this vacation, I’m going home with a positive mind.

Thanks for reading – a Christmas will soon come (hopefully).


Feelings change.

I wasn’t looking too forward to Friendsmas but it ended up being a ton of fun. I always go thru these phases of where I hate everyone, but then when I see them- I truly appreciate them.
I got everyone scratchers as a gift. I hope they liked it.. it was a lame gift but it was something I could afford to give to everyone. Next time everyone is just getting a random ass gift from Daiso. Haha.
But yeah the party. It was cool. Almost everyone showed up. Even Brye’s girlfriend that everyone loved! πŸ™‚ I’m happy for him. Umm.. we played white elephant with shots again and Matthew and I ended up with a heater and my gift which is basically an inflatable couch. We drank a ton and my tolerance was quite high! I took a bunch and played bp. We had a tournament this year and real belts that Chrissean bought.
Matty and I exploded Andrew and Tokki and cleaned up quite nicely. Then we played Ada and Vu. We also exploded and won. Suddenly we were in finals and I was drunk. Don’t remember all the plays except the last ones. We played Brye and Moktar and I honestly didn’t care if we won or lost against them. They had four cups and got them all in one go because they both hit a cup and landed in another. -__-
Matthew and I had a rebuttal shot and there was only cup left that we had to make. And Matthew got it!! I was so proud of him! Because I thought we were done. We never get the last cup. After shots back and forth, I made the last cup! Brye and Moe missed their rebuttal and we won! We are Beer Pong champs! Β :3 I was just proud that I was able to get the last cups in all 3 games. That never happens! Khoa almost got it on video.. haha
But yeah the night was fun. Everyone ended up wasted and spending the night. My favorite parts of the night was bp, Tokki making French fries and Matthew was trying to eat them straight from the pan, and Andrew running around outside thinking a cup of water was his phone.
I’m glad it was a drama free night. I’m happy I was in a better mood. I need to appreciate my friends.
Photos are to come..
Oh! And I filmed my Mannequin Challenge video! accident! Haha

Love the World Hate the World

Yay Saturday Morning!

My life and my apartment has been a crazy mess. Christmas is in a week so there’s packages EVERYWHERE! This year I bought everything online, no crazy shopping for me!

Hmm… Let’s catch up?

Last week was my company’s party.. Newbies are required to perform at the talent show, so I ended up doing a theme song cover of Fresh Prince of Belair in Sign Language. I was nervous the entire day and when I got up there I was shaky, but once the song started I did pretty well. I messed up a few times, but no one could tell. And in the end I won the show! I got a $50 gift card, so I may buy film before my trip!

12 11

Hm.. I talked about Disneyland already.. But here are some photos!

10 9 8 7 6

Let’s see.. on Wednesday, our team went to see Circus Soleil. It was so amazing. I was drunk and super loud. hahah. Then Thursday Matty and I went to Yank Sing! I made reservations during out lunch so I came back to work happy!

4 3


Anyway.. Yesterday Matty and I went to his company party. It was in a huge warehouse and there had to be thousands of people there. I was getting anxiety at first cause I was expecting to be that many people, but I loosened up. There was so much free drinks and food. I was in awe. Photos hurrr:

2 1

Today I gotta get to work and clean up this mess I call life. I gotta wrap presents, walk down to the store, and bake something yummy for our “Friendsmas”. Not looking forward to it to be honest.. This year our friend group decided to open our party to a bunch of people, but it got out of hand and everyone decided to bring plus 1’s. Even plus 1’s are bringing plus 1’s. I decided not to get involved this year. I could’t handle the unnecessary stress before the holidays and my vacation. But yeah.. missing the intimate Friendsmas years.. this year it’s going to be a huge party. I’d leave early if I could.

That’s been the type of mood I’ve been in lately. I don’t like anyone!

Anywhoo! I’m going to try to put out a video before Japan. See ya’ll later.

7 days of up and downs..

Mondays are always full of anxiety. 

Last Monday I was feeling it bad at work. I let myself overthink and am too hard on myself when I think I’m getting nowhere and not improving. 

Tuesday I was doing alright, but got sick in a matter of hours. 

Wednesday, I had no choice but to call in sick and force my ass to sleep. I also had to cancel dinner plans with some good friends. 😦

Thursday, I had to cancel lunch plans with Marty and try my best to catch up on work. Then rush home to pack and practice my performance for the next day. 

Friday, I was anxious again but because I was super nervous about performing in front of our office for our holiday party.. I couldn’t fully enjoy myself or drink as much as I wanted cause my stomach was in knots. But I did it. Then I started to enjoy myself, but shortly had to race to concord so me and nana could head to LA. 

Friday night, I couldn’t sleep because I started to feel anxious again. Overthinking work and what my coworkers thought about me. Then I got angry at myself for being so weak.. and couldn’t sleep more. 

Then it was time for Disneyland and I actually did enjoy myself. I haven’t been there with my family since we were kicked out when I was a kid.. but now I think Disneyland with family has redeemed itself. My parents actually went on most rides with us which was super cute. πŸ™‚ and we got a ton of rides down. Not to mention great photos. I even got to see baby have fun, but only because I was playing with him (he’s still too young for Disneyland). But yeah. I was happy and super grateful for everyone there especially my sister in law who led us. 

So yes.. I did have an up this week. 

Sunday, my family and I were completely lazy and lounged around. We had a BBQ and had a REAL kids party. We had a piΓ±ata and played limbo. It was silly but a weekend to remember forever.. 

Anyway it’s back to Monday and I’m back to my anxious self. But I need to remember the positive things in life. Like my family, Matthew, and everything to be grateful for.

Matthew has been wonderful as well. He took care of me when sick, bought me a cat coloring book because I’ve been so anxious, and devoted a whole weekend to my family. I’m thankful for him.

I’m thankful for my family who always take care of me. And thankful for the job I have. 

I just need to keep my head up and stay motivated. 

Skinny Love

Currently I am on the couch with Han and Oz and chillin’. Matty is asleep. He’s working odd hours this week 1am – 9am. So he’s trying to catch a few zzz’s before his shift.

Hmm… Life has been pretty stress-free as of late. Work has kept me extremely busy. I rarely check my phone during my shifts because I’ve been so focused on getting work done. Although by the end of the day, I always asked myself “did I really accomplish anything?”. I do a bunch of easy work that seems to take large chunks of my day so I tend to think I haven’t accomplished anything, Β but I guess it helps the rest of my team do less tedious work?

I don’t know. I’m trying different ways to work faster and more efficient. Soon it’ll become more busy and I need to get a daily routine down that works for me. Anywho, work is fine. I’m comfortable and don’t dread it. It’s nice to have friends at work too. I have lunch with the same people everyday so that’s nice. I hang out with co-workers at least once a week. Last week we went ice skating, the week before I actually went to a club!, and this week I’m trying out yoga. I’m telling myself to get out there more..

Other than hanging out with co-workers, I have been sucked into the Game of Thrones hype. For the last month, Matty and I have been coming home and watching 2-3 episodes. It is by far my favorite show and I am IN LOVE with one of the main characters so it makes watching the show so much better. I also finished Bob’s Burgers and Terrace House this weekend. What is life? I have been so lazy.

I honestly don’t mind though. I haven’t worked out, put out a video, or updated this blog, but I’m okay with that. It’s not that I’m not motivated, I just feel so content and there’s no pressure to do any of those things. I’m happy. (Also happy with my extra winter/holiday weight) LOL

Anyway.. things I’m looking forward to.. THANKSGIVING, days off!, Disneyland, Christmas parties, and Japan and Korea of course!

I’m doing okay. πŸ˜€